Selling Your House – And Living In It

This can be a difficult balance: all the home staging tips you hear tell you to leave no prisoners when it comes to clutter and to never walk on your pristine vacuumed floors. How are you supposed to live and make sure your house is always ready for a showing? A few steps:

• Start moving house early. Even if you haven’t sold your house yet, begin the process of moving. Put all of your big clunky furniture into storage, leaving only the pieces you and your family really need to live comfortably. For example, if you have a dining room and kitchen table, move one set into storage.

• Remove all your personal items. This includes the photos on the walls, the homemade craft projects, the collection of trophies. Box these and add them to the storage unit. You can live without them, at least until you officially move house.

• Free up cabinet/cupboard space. Everyday living requires some basics, especially a coffee maker and kettle. Fine! Enjoy. But when you have a showing, make sure to show these items away. By storing or tossing less-used items that clutter your cupboards, you can make space for the daily must-haves. Clear counters are important when potential buyers visit.

• Balance availability and your life in terms of showings. You want to be as available as possible – the right buyer could walk in the door at any minute. But you also have a life and a perhaps a family. Try to schedule showings when you have a bit of time to prepare (e.g. give the carpets a vacuum, take out the trash, wipe down the counters etc.).

• Start detaching. This will all be a bit easier if you see your house as a product. Your “job” is to sell it. When you’re attached to your home, this is difficult. Removing your personal belongings is a big step forward in creating that emotional separation. It makes the physical de-cluttering much easier.

Selling your home quickly helps you mitigate all of these challenges; contact us and let’s get your house on the market.

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