Setting a Table, and Setting the Scene for the Sale

House staging can help you set the scene for potential buyers: it strips away all the clutter and reveals the essential elements of a home. The gorgeous fireplace. The chef’s dream kitchen. The parent’s best friend: the laundry room! Staging also enables people to picture themselves in this space: it brings the dream to life. So, when preparing your house for sale, should you set the table?

It may seem like a minor detail. Ok, it is a relatively minor detail in the grand scheme of things! But each element adds to the overall impression that your house makes on a potential buyer.Now, when it comes to the dining table, you want to tread a fine line. Leaving it plain, of course, is perfectly acceptable – especially if you have a gorgeous hardwood table and other focal points, like a fireplace or picture window. In this case, keep it very simple.

If, however, your dining area is plain, you can make the table the focal point. Two don’ts: don’t go half-way and use cheap settings, and don’t make it so extravagant that you’d be afraid to eat anything! You want people to picture themselves here – not bemoan the fact that they are Pinterest-deficient.

Some tips:
•    Celebrate the season. In spring, for example, use pleasing pastels and a centerpiece of fresh flowers. In the fall, create a setting with gourds and jewel-tone mums to complement an autumn-covered tablecloth. People will picture themselves at your house year-round.

•    Keep it simple. You can do this by using two to three complementary colors that coordinate with the room and by leaving plenty of space between settings.

•    Visit the discount store.  Unfortunately, even simple settings can be stolen during showings and open houses. Cut your losses by using second hand or discount dishes. They’ll look great, and you won’t risk losing grandmum’s china.

•    Undress. If you have a great pine or oak table, show it off! A staged table isn’t meant for dining; you don’t have to worry about glass marks or spills.

•    Think beyond the dining room. Have a cozy porch or patio? Make it as if for afternoon tea. Delightful!

With careful table staging, you can whet potential buyers’ appetites to purchase your house! Keep reading for other great staging tips.

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