Should I Hire a Professional Photographer to Get The Best Shots of My Home?

For many buyers, the first impression they’ll get of your home is the photographs online. A massive portion of buyers use the internet early in the sales process, and for you, that translates to a need for beautiful photos. These days, some sellers are even hiring professional photographers to capture their home in the best possible way. Is that the right choice for you? Take a look at a few benefits and drawbacks before you decide.

The Benefits

Lighting – The key to good pictures is often lighting, and professional photographers understand how the light will work best in any room in your home. What’s more is that they have the equipment necessary to produce artificial light where it’s most needed. The chances are good that your iPhone simply does not have the same technology when you click the camera button.

Better Composition – Good photos are good for a reason – the horizontal and vertical lines are perfect, and the focus is clear. Again, a quick photograph course isn’t going to give you the knowledge you need when shooting architectural subjects like a home. A professional photographer, though, knows how to capture the straight lines and curves in an appealing manner.


Your photos are going to end up on the web somewhere, and ensuring you have the perfect photos for that medium is a must. You want good resolutions, the right touch-ups, and more so they look like they came from a magazine, not a cheap digital camera. That will likely be included in your photographer’s package when you hire him/her to handle the pictures.

The Drawbacks

Timing – The biggest problem with hiring a professional photographer is timing. You’re probably ready to list your home now, and you may have to work around his/her schedule to get your home listed as soon as possible.

Cost – A home photo shoot varies widely in cost, and if you’re trying to save money to buy another home, you may be wary of paying the price for professional work. With or without professional photography in hand, when you are ready to list your home, give Doorsteps a call!

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