Should I Rearrange My Furniture Before I List My Home?

If you’ve done any reading about how to sell your home faster, you’ve probably come across the idea of staging your home. This is the idea of making your home look more inviting with tasteful furnishings. It’s a great idea, but what if you’re not quite ready to move? What if you don’t want to store your furniture away while a stage brings in different decor? It’s still possible to stage your home, but you may need to do some rearranging.
Start With Clutter
The single best thing you can do initially is to eliminate cluttered spaces in your home. If a buyer can’t move through your house comfortably, he or she might look elsewhere, so if you have too much furniture in a space, you may want to either store part of it elsewhere or move it to another room in your home.
A Better Arrangement
Once the clutter is gone, there may be a better way to arrange your furniture. Begin by taking a close look at where the windows are in the room. Try not to block those, as the light they let in is a great selling point for buyers. After that, take a look at the feel of the space. Does it feel like a living room? If so, you should store or move any furniture that doesn’t make sense in the space. A bulky wardrobe, for instance, may be ruining that space. The same is true for a home office. It should feel more like an office than a guest bedroom. Finally, play with various configurations to ensure the room has a cohesive, eye-catching appeal buyer will love. Keep the entryways as clear as possible, and shoot for at least a metre of walking space around the room. Keep your furniture away from the walls wherever possible.
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