Should You De-personlise your Home Before Selling?

There are different schools of thought on whether to leave your home personalised when getting it ready to show to potential buyers.  Some say, de-personalise it completely, while others say leave some personalisation.  Prospective homebuyers want to be able to envision what the home might look like when it turns into their home, and that’s why so many say you should get rid of “you” in the home.

Somewhere In the Middle

If you’re not sure how to de-personalise, and you’re not entirely sure you want to, there are a few things you can do to create a compromise. Take a look.

·        Remove Clutter: While you don’t want your home to look cluttered for a potential buyer, you do want to leave some of your personal belongings lying around that can help showcase your home in a comfortable fashion.  The feeling you want those homebuyers to experience are welcoming and inviting.  Of course, you want to make sure shelves and mementos are dusted, leaving nothing to distract buyers from the statement of “homey” and “comfortable” that you want them to experience.

·        Staging Your Home: While you are most likely still living in your home at the same time you are trying to sell your home, think about the placement of furniture, lamps, cabinets, etc.  If you have ever wanted to re-arrange your living room or bedroom furniture, now might be a good time to change things around a bit.  If, for example, you could open more space up by moving a few pieces to another side of the room, or angling them in a different direction, try it now.  Put fresh flowers (or silk ones) on tables and in entryways to welcome those looking at your home with intent to purchase.

·         Neutralise In a Welcoming Way: There is a difference between leaving “very” personal items and leaving those items that match your personal style.  A quilt or throw draped over the end of a couch, pottery or sculpture that reflects something meaningful to you can often trigger a buyer’s response, such as, “Oh, our painting of the lake would look great in that spot!”

You can leave a few personal mementoes or knick-knacks around as long as they can be seen as inviting and welcoming into a room.

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