Showing Your House in an Hour? Your Last-Minute To-Do List

A showing can be an emotional situation – and a stressful one on top of that. There’s always something to do, something to straighten, something to worry about! What if you’ve forgotten something? Relax. Take a deep breath. As prepared as you are, there will always be last-minute details to attend to. Here’s your cheat sheet when potential buyers are on their way!


Always be ready. If a potential buyer calls and can only view your house in an hour, it’s preferable if you can say, “Of course! See you soon!” Work and obligations can get in the way, but when possible, maximise availability – this maximises the chance the right buyer will walk in the door.


Keep it ready. This is difficult if you live in the house, but try to keep it in show condition all the time. You’ve likely done a big clean; do careful maintenance to make sure the house always looks and smells its best. When you do have a short-notice showing, you can be ready.


Do a walk-through. Anything you need to put away? Clean? Hide? Is the bathroom fresh? Can you shove that basket of laundry in a drawer? Are the curtains and blinds open to maximise natural light? Can you switch on a lamp to give a dark corner a cosy glow? Let’s go!


Vacuum. Run your vacuum over your carpets horizontally and vertically, and then stay off it. Those tracks make the surfaces look even cleaner!


Empty the garbage. Take out the trash, stat. You don’t want last night’s takeaway containers mucking up the air.


Get rid of your pets. Ok, not really, and not forever. Just find a place for them to visit while you do the showing. Pets are homey and cosy – but what if buyers are allergic? Simply don’t like dogs or cats? What if your pets are anxious and don’t like strangers in “their” house. Better to avoid all this and ask a friend to watch them for a bit.


Inform your neighbours. Give them the courtesy of notifying them that you’ll have people coming and going. Hopefully, this will stave off grumbling if there’s a line for the elevator or unfamiliar cars are parked at the kerb.


Need more tips for a great showing? We’re here to help.

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