Staging Your Home and Why It’s Worth It

Is it worth the time and effort to “stage” your home when trying to sell it?  What is “staging” anyway?  Staging is when the homeowner makes the very best effort possible to let the house shine in its best light.  This happens when each room is presented in almost what could be characterised as a showcase.  If everything looked new and clean, a pristine representation of the room would be put forth.  In many cases, this is the best way to present a home to a future homeowner because they are more easily able to envision themselves living in each room.  They may change this or that about the room, but when each room is staged, it offers the best representation of what the room could be.
Time and Effort
It takes time and effort to stage each room.  Is it worth it?  Most people who have done it conclude with a resounding, yes!  Staging is perhaps the best way for prospective homebuyers to visualise the spaces as their own.  Many times, it has also been known to increase the price received for the home.  Homes that are staged also typically sell much faster.
Stage Important Rooms First
Staging your whole home would be optimal, of course, but if you don’t have the time or money to do so, start with the most important rooms first.  As far as staging goes, the living room is the most important room to make sure it looks just picture-perfect.  The bedroom is the second room you’ll want to extend your efforts to, followed by the kitchen.  These are the three most important rooms to focus your attention on first.  If you dress these rooms up to the best of their potential, your staging efforts will have gone a long way toward reaching your goal of making your house look the best it can be.
Rearrange Furniture
You will want your home to take on a light and airy look and feel.  Often, along with a fresh coat of paint and removing “clutter” (or unnecessary items) from the room, rearranging furniture can also showcase your space in a new and different light.
Selling your home is an important decision and a big undertaking.  You want everything to look and feel just right to prospective homebuyers.  To that end, staging the most important rooms in your home can be a tremendous asset.

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