Staging Your Lounge or Living Room

The living room or lounge is often the “heart” of a home. It is where families gather, friends come round to watch the latest episode of the trendiest show. It’s where you relax after a long day of work. In short, it’s where you do all your living. Here are some tips to stage this critical area for buyers.

• Store away all of your knick-knacks. Buyers need to see a clean slate, a blank canvas. They want to imagine themselves in this space. Help them by clearing away personal and decorative items, such as trophies, family portraits, children’s artwork etc. Highlight beautiful shelving by placing lovely but rather neutral objects, like a vase of flowers.

Paint the walls and ceiling. This is always a good idea. You can cover up scratches and dings while giving the room a fresh, clean look. Remember to opt for a neutral shade.

Remove or open the drapes. This lets in beautiful natural light and lends the room a clean appearance.

Replace your hardware. Often, small investments yield great returns. Swap out old fixtures, light switches, curtain rods and other odds and ends with new, coordinated pieces.

Rearrange your furniture. Take a look at the living room/lounge and see if it facilitates flow. Can people move in and around freely? Does the arrangement make sense? Is it convenient? Donate or toss any extra furniture, and place the rest so it enlarges the room and highlights key features (e.g. fireplaces, large windows etc.).

Clean. This applies to every room in your home. Give your living room a deep-down, thorough going-over. Everything should sparkle. Now is not the time to sweep the dust under the sofa; clean under, over, above, beside and every other nook and cranny in there.

If you need more staging tips and advice, we are here to help! Let Doorsteps help you sell your home.

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