Steps You Can Take NOW to Sell Your House Faster

When you are trying to sell your house, it seems like you have a long list of tasks and chores ahead of you. Relax. Tackling a few little jobs per day or per weekend adds up to great results. Three steps you can take now:

1. Hang easy to read address numbers in a prominent position. You don’t want house hunters to have to literally hunt for your house. It should be quite easy to locate; clear, clean, and highly visible numbers are essential. If you have numbers, take the time to give them a thorough cleaning and polishing. If not, visit your nearest home store. Make sure the address can be seen from the street or walkways (depending on how your neighbourhood is set up).

2. Spruce up your porch. This applies whether you have a porch, deck, patio, or simply a small stoop out front. Clean it thoroughly and place welcoming touches out, such as fresh potted plants, a mat for people to wipe their shoes on, new door hardware if it is an entryway, etc. If you have the luxury of ample space, place conversation areas on the porch. Here is your chance to integrate some pops of colour in your accents or even on the outdoor furniture itself. Bright and bold works outside.

3. Take a look in your closets. Are they filled to the brim? If you have time, go through your closets and make “donate,” “keep,” and “toss” piles for your clothing and shoes. If you don’t have time, get a rubbish bag and fill it up to go through later. When showing your house, you want to leave about 20 to 30% of your closet free to show viewers how spacious it is. It’s worth spending some time organising these critical features.

Get started! Doorsteps has many online estate agent experts with more helpful tips to help you streamline the sales process.

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