Terrific House-Selling Investment: A Pressure Washer

We all know buying a house is expensive – but selling one can be pricey as well! You can save money by opting to take advantage of the expertise of Doorsteps estate agents and our streamline process. Tackling maintenance jobs yourself on weekends can also help you cut costs. In this endeavour, the mighty pressure washer is your best friend. Here’s why it is such a great investment.

A pressure washer uses a high-pressure water spray to remove loose grit, grime, dirt, paint, gum (gross, right?) and more from a variety of surfaces. You can purchase a small electric pressure washer fairly inexpensively, or if you have all your jobs lined up, you can hire one from a home improvement store. As always, borrowing one can cost you as little as a pizza or pint! When you have secured a pressure washer through whatever means, use it to: 

  • Clean up your driveway. Pressure washers work beautifully on these surfaces. Blast away grit and boost your kerb appeal.
  • Refresh your concrete or tile patio or wood deck. Get these outdoor areas looking their best. Many househunters purchase in the summer months, so ensuring these spaces are ship-shape is essential.
  • Speaking of outdoor spaces… Use this machine to give your patio/outdoor furniture an instant makeover. You can also get your grill gleaming (just make sure you do that bit correctly. Briggs & Stratton has a useful tutorial).
  • Make your entryway welcoming. Pressure wash your walkway to invite excited buyers right in.
  • Hose down your house. Pressure washers work wonders on brick and vinyl homes. You may be surprised how completely this revitalises your exterior. If you have a fence, treat that as well. Talk about kerb appeal!

Pressure washing can help remove bits and pieces that accumulate over the years and reveal your house at its best. For other tips, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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