The Art of Negotiating when Selling Your Home

When you’re trying to make a business deal like selling your house, you have to learn how to negotiate. It is an intense, tough practice, but if you want your home to fetch a good price, engaging in a little negotiating isn’t going to hurt you. So how can you be successful in the art of negotiating? These tips can help.

Be Realistic – If your goal is to sell, taking less than your ideal price is probably better than not selling at all. If you’re not willing to change your price, you’re not really willing to negotiate at all, so at the outset, know your numbers. Understand your bottom line so you can view all of the offers in a better light.

Don’t Ignore the First Offer – In most cases, that first offer could be your best offer, so consider it carefully. Leaving it on the table because it’s a little lower than you’d like can be frustrating, and some buyers will simply walk away and find another spot they love.

Don’t Push It – Many sellers are looking to get their homes off the market quickly, and sometimes that means they push buyers a bit too much. Being too talkative during your home showing, spilling the reasons why you’re selling your home, and letting them know you have a deadline are all good reasons for buyers to walk away.

So negotiating is an intense job, but it has to be done if you want to sell your house for a great price. Brush up on your negotiation skills, list with Doorsteps, and you’ll be on your way to selling your home.

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