The Best Colour Scheme for Your Living Room

You’re trying to sell your house for the most possible money. Every room in the house looks ready to show, except for your living room. It’s clean and very spacious. The problem is the color scheme is a little plain and boring. Don’t know what to do with your living room? Here are a few pointers in choosing the best colour scheme for your entertaining space.

Some Colour Is Good, But  . . .

When many people work to design a space, they include far too many colours. Instead, you’ll want to stick to just two or three colours, and they need to work well together. Many designers choose a dominant colour, which will be the colour you end up painting your walls, then two secondary colours, one for the upholstery, then one for the accessories in the room.

Work With What You Have
If you already have a piece you love, work with that to select your colours. For example, imagine you have an oriental rug you love. Use that to select the two or three colours you might use in the room. Even something as simple as a piece of artwork can be your guide.

Don’t Go Too Bold
While you may love bold, bright colours, research has continually shown that if you’re selling your home, you need to stay fairly neutral. One bold or bright piece might work, but in general, you’ll want to stay with colours like taupe, oatmeal, and light beige for your dominant colour. Your secondary colours, however, can be much louder.

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