The Power of Closets

As you work to sell your home, you’re going to come across many tips. Declutter, clean your windows, do what you can to make your curb appeal a little better. One tip you may overlook, though, is just how important your closet space can be. Potential buyers are looking for the room for their own gear, and many experts will tell you to clean out at least half of the stuff from every closet you have just so you can emphasise that space. For many home sellers, though, that’s a tall order. How can you make it happen? These tips can help.
• Containers Matter! Invest in a set of cute baskets or boxes to help keep track of all of your stuff. Put those summer clothes away in one box; create one for your scarves, one for your belts, and a catch-all box for those little items you’re not sure what to do with. The cuter the container, the bigger impression it’s going to make on your potential buyers.
• Install Shelves: If you don’t yet have the shelving unit in your closet, now is certainly the time. They’re a good option for all of those cute containers you just purchased, as well as extra handbags, shoes, and more. Shelves are also a good way to use added space in your closet you weren’t quite sure what to do with.
• Discover Hidden Storage Spaces: If you have too much stuff, the single worst thing you can do is overlook those hidden areas, like the top of your closet or even behind the door. The top of the closet could hold some of those cute bins or baskets. Behind the door is the perfect spot for an over the door organizer for shoes, jewellery, or other items you may not yet have a know what to do with.
There are many ways to make sure your closet isn’t out of control when a buyer walks through a home. Do some reading; invest in some storage options, then clean out your closet so buyers can see just how much space your home has to offer.

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