The Secret to Making Photos That Will Help Sell Your Property Online

There are many things to keep in mind if you have property for sale. UK homeowners have a lot of uncertainty to deal with these days, and selling real estate has never been more confusing. While online property sales are the easiest way to go about it, there are some pitfalls to them.

For example, real estate photography is an extremely important consideration when you are hoping to sell your house online. If you use unappealing photos, it’s impossible to sell your property for a good price. People will simply scroll past your offer without thinking about it.

But what makes a photo truly excellent? Let’s look at some real estate photography tips.

1. Lighting Is Important

External photos of your property should make the best possible use of natural light. Taking snapshots early in the day or late in the afternoon is a good way to create the right lighting conditions. Dusk photos can be effective, but this is a risky choice to go for. You don’t want the backdrop of the photo to distract from your property. Some homeowners like the dusk/dark technique, which means that you wait for almost sunset and then photograph the building with light radiating from all the windows. But in most cases, the resulting photos may not be eye-catching enough for online sales.

What about indoor photos?
If your property has great natural lighting, the photos should reflect that. When that’s not the case, turning on all the lights in a room is enough.

2. Make the Rooms Seem as Spacious as Possible

Here’s another important tip for interior photos. Simply repositioning the furniture can create an illusion of additional space. This doesn’t mean removing all the furniture from the room. You want a homey but simple interior that has very little clutter. It’s also important to clear all the clutter from the floor to avoid a cramped look.

Some decorations can be a good idea, especially in rooms with low lighting. In particular, you can create a welcoming effect by adding a single dash of colour, such as a bouquet or a bowl of fruit. Remember to remove from view anything that is too personal, such as photos on walls or fridge decorations.

3. Draw Attention to the Best Aspects of the Property

The photo used in an online ad or auction needs to showcase all the best things about your property. For example, if the property is surrounded by trees, the photo should emphasise that. In the case of indoor photos, make sure to display the nooks and crannies that make your house unique.

4. Get Quality Equipment

One of the worst mistakes you can make is to rely on nothing but your phone camera. The quality of the photos reflects the quality of your property. It’s best to use a wide-angle lens. In some cases, Photoshop is necessary to smooth out any distortions.

You Don’t Have to Do This Yourself

Some of the above advice is easy enough to follow. But when you don’t have the experience and the equipment, real estate photography becomes difficult or even impossible. One option would be to hire a professional photographer. If you choose the right person for the job, the results will wow you and your prospective buyers. However, this is both time-consuming and pricey.

Another solution is to contact UK estate agents. One of our Local Property Consultants will inspect the property and immediately take appealing photos. After some editing, the images will be ready to present your property in the best light for our online property auction. That way, you can sell your house online faster.

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