The Smell Problem!

One impression you don’t want a potential homebuyer to go away with is that there are bad odours in your home. After attracting potential buyers through online estate agents, you don’t want bad smells in a home that can be the biggest turnoff for prospective homebuyers.  What you don’t want to have happened is offensive odours to assault the homebuyer as they enter your home.  First impressions are very important.  Even if the aesthetic appeal of a home is great, bad smells just tell buyers that they don’t want to live there.

You Can’t Just Cover Bad Smells

While air fresheners can go a long way to temporarily alleviating some odours, the right answer is to find out where the smells are coming from and fix the problem.  If not winter, open windows for a bit and see if letting fresher air in can help.  Check all the drains – kitchen, bathroom, basement – for any potential issues.  Wash out all trash containers and replace with new bags.  The kitchen can be a trap for leftover food or oven smells, so make sure everything is cleaned and put away after each meal.  As well, if your furniture is older and has any chance of having cigarette smells embedded in the fabric, do a thorough cleaning.  If you smoke, placing bowls of vinegar around your home can help.  It usually takes two to three days to clean the air.  While vinegar can be smelled as well, it won’t be as bad as cigarette smoke or some other odours.  If you open the windows after the vinegar has had a chance to work, the fresh air should also chase away the vinegar smell.

Make Good Smells Happen

Deodorisers or air fresheners can help chase bad odours away.  Don’t put them in places, though, that can be obviously seen; place them discreetly.  And … who doesn’t love the smell of freshly brewed (not old and stale) coffee?  It can be very enticing, especially if you just happen to leave a plate of freshly baked cookies out to share, as well.  You probably can’t bake fresh cookies every day, but pleasing smells from the oven can enhance the overall presence of your home.

Pay attention to the smells in your home.  People can get accustomed to odours they live with, day in and day out.  Step outside your home for 10-15 minutes and then notice what you smell when you walk back in if you really want to ensure your home smells amazing.

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