The Top 3 Things Buyers Will Hate About Your Home

We have a secret: as much as buyers want to find the perfect home, most of them dread doing so. This hatred accounts for the rise of online listings – most people would rather start the dreaded process in the comfort of their own homes. What can you do to make the physical buying process a bit more comfortable and get people excited about buying your home? Check out what buyers hate, then make sure you manage to avoid
1. Clutter! From too much furniture to closets that are so piled full of junk you can’t see what once was, potential buyers hate clutter and attacking it is your best bet. Remember, a great deal of furniture can make the rooms look much smaller than they actually are. Clear out the bigger pieces of furniture, make sure you have just a select few pieces that compliment the room without cluttering it up. Think about your closets, too. You need to realise that potential buyers are definitely going to snoop, so be prepared. Clean out your closets as much as you can. Buyers want space, and by cleaning the closets out halfway you’re not only decluttering, but you’re also making space look bigger, which is always a bonus.
2. Dark Spaces! This one may seem silly but think about this for a moment: do you have any light bulbs in your home that need to be changed out? Is one room extremely bright and another dim? Getting the right lighting in each room can vastly improve the way the room looks, so take a walk and figure out which bulbs need changing! While you’re at it, you may want to clean the windows to help let the light in.
3. Odours! The worst thing for a buyer is to walk into a potential home and smell cigarette smoke, wet dog, or trash. Give your home a smell test. If grease is hanging in the air or it just doesn’t smell like it could, consider airing it out, giving your carpets a deep clean, and working with the smell.
Hoping to spot other problem areas? Find a close friend or family member that you trust and ask them to do a walkthrough of your home. Have them to point out things they like about your home, and things they don’t. What is appealing and what isn’t? Keep a running list and try not to get upset: they’re only trying to help you! By seeing things through someone else’s eyes it’s often much easier to be able to set up the home in an appealing way for potential buyers.

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