These Renovations Will Increase The Value of Your South London Home

When sellers are considering possible value-added renovations to complete on their home, many think of the obvious: installing new counters, appliances and the like. But often the most obvious renovations aren’t, well, that obvious. Here are a few renovations to consider if you’re wanting to add value before selling your South London home.
The Basics
Buyers expect all the basics of your home to be in top shape. That’s why if you’re looking to add value to your home before selling, you should always look to renovate the basics. Some basic things buyers expect to be working properly:
Roof: Buyers will expect no leaks or missing roofing materials
Radiator: Buyers will expect the radiator to function properly
Plumbing: Buyers will expect no leaking pipes or other plumbing issues
Make sure the above basic home features are renovated properly if you’d like to see an immediate increase in the value of your home.
Other Renovations
Once you are certain that the basic needs of your home have been addressed, you can then proceed to other value-adding renovations. Some additional renovations to consider:
Entry Doors: Whilst the entry door may seem to be a basic necessity — and it is — installing a more refined looking door is a cheap and easy way to add more quid to your final asking price.
Garden: If you have a garden on your property, be sure to make the most of it before selling. Installing a sitting area and a built-in barbecue will instantly add value to your home.
Windows: Leaky windows can be a major hassle, especially in colder weather. Install new windows and prevent air leaks to increase the amount of pounds you can ask for.
Renovating your home does not need to be costly, nor does it need to be a hassle. If you’d like to get a before and after valuation on your home to see what you can expect from a sale, the online estate agents at Doorsteps would be happy to assist you. Simply visit our website for more information.

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