These UK Cities Sell £1m Properties In A Jiffy

You may think it’s rather difficult to sell properties worth £1m or more, but depending on where in the UK you live, it might be easier than you think. In some towns, Britons are selling their million pound homes in 45 days or less. So where are these homes selling the fastest? The answer is it’s not in London — and the actual where may surprise you even more than this fact. 

Million Pound Homes Move Quick in Silicon Fen 
According to property website Rightmove, Cambridge home sellers asking £1m or more for their property receive their asking price the quickest. In fact, the number of days in which a million pound Cambridge home is sold is faster than nearly all other home sells in the UK — as fast as 45 days in most cases. That’s nearly twice the national average. 

Other UK towns that secure buyers of million pound plus homes quickly: Edinburgh and Harpenden. Sellers in those towns can expect to move their million pound properties in around 53 to 54 days, respectively. 

But you don’t have to be in Cambridge, Edinburgh or Harpenden to see your million pound property go quick. In fact, in nearly half of the 11 UK regions Rightmove studied, million pound homes are selling faster than a year ago. This includes Scotland, East Midlands, North East and the North West regions of the UK, among many others. 

All of the UK towns that made the million pound top ten list include: 

  1. Cambridge
  2. Edinburgh
  3. Harpenden
  4. Bristol
  5. St Albans
  6. Winchester
  7. Hackney
  8. Golders Green
  9. Woking
  10. Brixton

How Much Is Your Property Worth? 
Though the location is a primary factor in determining how much your property may be worth — including whether or not it’s in on the of the sought-after million pound plus range — there are other factors that could push your home valuation over a million quid. Are you interested in learning just how much your property could be worth? Doorsteps’ free 
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