Thinking Curb Appeal? Boost It Now with These 5 Fast Tips

You have heard it before: if you want your house to sell quickly, improve your curb appeal. But what does this mean? Can you cut the lawn and call it a day? Well… it’s a start! But you can catch potential buyers’ eyes if you go a few steps further.

The good news is that you can enhance your home’s exterior appeal without spending a fortune. Simple tasks make a big impact. Try:

1. Cleaning your numbers- You should have clearly visible numbers or a number plaque so buyers can easily find your address. Take the time to replace them, give them a polish or apply a quick coat of exterior paint so they pop.

2. Painting your front door- Inside, you should stick to a neutral palette so buyers can picture themselves in the space. On your front door, though, you have a little room for personality. Choose a bold colour to make your home stand out. Strong choices are blue, red, green and black (depending, of course, on the colour of the house, shutters and roof itself).

3. Lighten up- Make a small investment in exterior lights. For instance, be sure there is a fixture above the door and, ideally, along with the driveway and the walkway leading to the entryway. You can find these at home and box stores and even salvage shops for very little.

4. Go green- A few flowers go a long way; you can install flower boxes in the windows and plant some annuals in the front to provide wonderful colour and vibrancy. Adding a shade tree (appropriately sized) is another great step. When possible, make sure the yard is arranged symmetrically. This is pleasing to the eye.

5. Replace your hardware- Swap out your old doorknobs, lock set, mounted mailbox and other fixtures with coordinating pieces. This will add a subtle elegance to your home.

You can do a great deal to increase you curb appeal in just a weekend – and without breaking the bank. Ask us for more tips to help you sell your house quickly and easily.

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