Tips for a Successful Open House

An open house can attract more interested potential buyers
to your house, allowing you to highlight its unique, special, energy-saving
and/or economical features. We have some tips to help you maximise your chances
of success at this critical event:

Clean like you mean it! If you finish and
it’s not spotless, start again! This is the opportunity to wash the windows,
shampoo the carpet, clean out those closets, pressure wash the decks/patio/walkway,
trim the grass, deadhead the flowers and generally make your house shine from
top to bottom. Hire a pro if you don’t have time. You will have open
house visitors who do the white glove test!

Schedule your open house at a convenient
How many people are going to show up at 2:00 on a Tuesday? Opt for
times that are more convenient, such as the weekends. This will ensure you
attract as many potential buyers as possible.

Publicise your open house. People may see
a sign in your yard and turn in while they’re out driving, but don’t rely on
chance. Create awareness of your open house by posting it on social media and
making sure your estate agent is aware of the time and date of the open house.

Create a one-pager. Visitors want to know
your energy performance ratings, how old the house is, when the roof was put
on, if the washer and dryer are included and if so, when did you purchase them?
Create a short document with all these property details, and place them near
the entryway. Also put some throughout the house on end tables so people can
pick one up if they’ve missed it at the front.

Keep your valuable items locked away. Most
open house visitors come looking for a house; a few come looking for jewelry,
cash, or knick-knacks. Make sure you’ve removed all of your items that hold
significant monetary and sentimental value.

Offer refreshments. This is an area of
some controversy; some experts say that guests aren’t there for the cookies.
Well, no. But a cookie is nice, isn’t it? Offering some light refreshments
encourages people to stay longer and chit-chat – and this is important in terms
of selling your home.

If you’ve decided to host an open house, use these tips.
Especially the first one. Start cleaning now!

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