Tips on Staging Your Sitting Room

Most online estate egents agree that staging your home is one of the best ways to
make a quick sale. Though the concept is fairly new — most people hadn’t even
heard of home staging just 20 years ago — it is highly effective. Though it’s
not always possible to stage every room in the house, homeowners should try
staging the most frequently used rooms for the best effect. The following is a
guide to staging one of the most-used rooms in anyone’s home — the living

Benefits of Staging
Staging is effective for many reasons. By
staging your living room, you are able to:

  • Give the home a more homely feel. Staging is very effective in making a home
    feel, well, like home. Whereas opened, unfurnished homes seem cold and
    uninviting, staged homes appear more cosy and welcoming.
  • Put the buyer in the homeowner’s shoes. Staging gives buyers the ability to
    envision how the lived-in home might look once they buy it. When a seller
    is able to put potential buyers in the homeowner mentality, they’re more
    likely to make a sell.
  • Show what the room might look like when it’s
    lived in.
    buyers have a hard time envisioning what a room might look like when
    furnished. By staging the room with furnishings and other appropriate
    accessories, the seller enables the prospective buyer to see what it might
    look like when it’s lived in.

Simple Sitting Room Staging Methods
Though there are many methods of staging, with some requiring the assistance of professional interior designers, there are staging techniques that require nothing more than elbow grease, ingenuity and the swapping of items you may already own.
Some simple staging ideas include:

  • Painting walls that are chipped or damaged.
  • Move existing sofas and other furnishings to
    create a conversation area.
  • Draw the curtains open to allow the room to be
    filled with attractive light.
  • Group knick-knacks in uneven sets of three or five.
  • Declutter and minimise the room’s furnishings so
    that only the most imperative and welcoming items remain.

Staging your living room can have a dramatic effect on making a house sell. Follow these simple tips to make your living room a dramatic selling point for potential house buyers.

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