Two Serious Curb Appeal Mistakes

One of the most important things when it comes to selling your home is curb appeal. The curb, after all, is the first thing that any prospective buyer will see. You want it to look amazing from the outside, but if you’ve neglected these two things, it’s not going to be attractive to potential buyers.


Mistake #1 – A Cluttered Space


Bicycles, rubbish bins, garden tools, yard ornaments – these are all things that might be cluttering up your space. It’s far too easy to leave things outside, so it’s a good idea to first start by taking a rubbish bin and walking around the outside of your home picking up any little bit of trash that you might see. Make sure that all of the dog waste is picked up as well. If you have a number of chairs outside, clear it out until there are only a few, and make sure that everything you have outside has a storage space. If you have too many yard ornaments, you may want to store a few away for your new home.


Mistake #2 – Your Front Door


It may not seem like a problem, but that front door could stop any potential buyer in his or her tracks. If your door looks like it belongs in another decade on an online estate agents website, or it’s starting to show wear and tear, you may have a problem on your hands. Revive it with a new door, or add a coat of paint and new hardware for a quick style makeover. While you’re at it, take a bit of time to clean up the front stoop. If you have furniture near your front door, clean it carefully, and if it’s possible, add a gorgeous pot of flowers or greenery beside the front door for a great touch.


Simple things like cleaning up the yard, power washing the drive and freshening up the front door can increase your curb appeal in a very dramatic way without breaking the bank. To get a few more tips on how to increase your curb appeal, contact us today.

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