Understanding an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

may be familiar with the requirement that all UK houses must have an energy
performance certificate (EPC). Any person considering selling their property must
have one as part of the sales process. But perhaps you’re confused about what
they are, or where you can get one. The following is a brief guide with
questions and answers to help you better understand an EPC.

Question: What is an energy performance certificate (EPC)?
Answer: An energy performance
certificate (EPC) is a report that is gathered by an accredited person who
measures the energy efficiency of your house. EPCs were first introduced in the
UK in 2007 and were transposed into British law that same year.

Question: What does the EPC measure?
Answer: An EPC is a rating
scheme that summarises your building’s efficiency. As part of the process, an
accredited Domestic Energy Assessor comes to your house and undertakes an EPC
of your home. Using government approved software, he or she enters information
about your property’s radiators, domestic boilers, loft insulation, hot water
tank, and so on. The software then calculates the efficiency of your home. You
are given two scores: one that rates your current efficiency, and one that
shows the efficiency mark you could have if you make suggested improvements.

Question: Who needs an EPC?
Answer: Simply put: everyone.
As per the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Domestic
Energy Performance Certificate Register website, “an Energy Performance
Certificate is required for properties when constructed, sold or let.” If
you’re considering the sale of your own home, you’ll need to find a Domestic
Energy Assessor to create the report for you. You will be charged a fee for the
report, which usually amounts to around £60 for a four-bedroom house.

Question: Where can you find a Domestic Energy Assessor?
Answer: The Ministry of
Housing, Communities and Local Government’s Domestic Energy Performance
Certificate Register website enables you to find an accredited Domestic Energy
Assessor near you. The website can be 
accessed here.

Getting an EPC is easy. If you’d like further
assistance in getting an EPC to sell your home, 
contact Doorsteps today.

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