Update Your Paint for a Faster Home Sale

Increasing interest for a faster home sale can be as simple as a fresh coat of paint. While the money spent on updating the exterior and interior paint colours of your home may seem like a waste when you are trying to sell, the extra money has proven to be well worth the investment. First impressions go further than just selling price and the neighbourhood. For many buyers, the aesthetics of a home are just as vital a selling point. At Doorsteps, we do everything we can to get your home sold and off the market, and we encourage you to make some small improvements such as updating the paint colours. Small changes likes paint can make or break a motivated sale. If a buyer is put off by your paint colours, they could move on to another home with more neutral shades. Follow some of these specific guidelines to catch the attention of those checking out your home.

  • Go Modern. Choose a colour scheme that it is up to date without being too trendy that it will go out of style soon. Classic tones with an updated shade are your best bet to showcase the exterior as well as the interior of your home.
  • Keep it Simple. Try to stick with one theme such as earth tones or shades of grey throughout the interior of the house. Too many colours, especially bright hues, can scare away buyers with the thought of having to redo each room with multiple layers of paint.
  • Stay away from funky techniques. Remember sponge painting? There are still multiple techniques for covering wall space that border on the arts and crafts time look. Paint the walls with regular roller/brush strokes with one colour.
  • Know your neighbourhood. Most of the time Doorsteps will recommend neutral tones for painting, but if your home is in a more artsy or flamboyant neighbourhood, it’s likely buyers are looking for something that stands out as opposed to a quiet more conservative suburb.
  • Pair it with your furnishings. The staging of your furniture and the type of decor and furnishings you own need to coordinate with your paint job. If you have a more minimalist home with modern furnishings, go with grey as opposed to warmer earth tones.

For more tips on fresh paint and other ways to make updates for a faster home sale, talk to the friendly and knowledgeable Doorsteps.

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