Using 2D and 3D Floor Plans to Sell Your House

You’ve heard about staging rooms; you’ve heard about
increasing your curb appeal, using a neutral palette and clearing the clutter
in order to sell your home. But there’s another trick you should have up your
sleeve: 2D or 3D floor plans. These can be a vital pieces of the sales puzzle.

 A 2D or 3D floor plan is a visual rendering of your home’s
layout. When it comes to sell your property, floor plans help by:

  • Giving
    prospective buyers a sense of how the house is set up and how the rooms
    For instance, are there bedrooms upstairs, allowing parents to
    be within earshot of young children, and one or two downstairs, which
    gives guests privacy? Is the laundry room located in a convenient central
    area? Is it a one-floor design for easy access? Does the garage lead into
    the kitchen for convenient entrance and egress? Floor plans enable the
    buyers to “see” the space and how it will work for them.
  • Making
    your home memorable.
    When buyers look at multiple properties, they can
    begin to blur. Yours will stand out: not only do you provide photographs,
    you provide an overarching plan for how elements work together.
  • Allowing
    buyers to visualise.
    The goal of staging and painting and cleaning is
    to give buyers a blank canvas so they can paint their own picture in the
    house. The floor plan enables them to add their own special touch when
    visualising: their furniture, their knick-knacks, their collections, their
    artwork… And when they can picture their own lives in the space, they are
    more likely to buy.

When you create electronic versions of your floor plans,
prospective buyers can interact with your house well before they make a visit
to the physical property.  With our
upgraded package, we offer 2D floor plans, and 3D versions are available as
valuable add-ons. See how powerful a great plan can be.

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