What Are Advantages of Rightmove Featured Property Listing?

internet has so many websites that it can be easy to get lost in the shuffle.
Why do some think that a Rightmove Featured Property Listing is superior? What
are the advantages of Rightmove Featured Property Listings?

Highlight Property

There are many properties to buy or sell in the United Kingdom. Some might only
have a lawn sign. Unless you drive down that street, you would never know it
was available. How do others ensure that their properties are noticed online?
They might pay for a Rightmove Featured Property Listing. Rightmove is the UK’s
largest property portal. This Featured Property Listing is moved to the top of
the search page results. Of course, most people will only check out the first
page of search results. If they find what they want, that is all they need.
Rightmove has stated that on average 40% more people are likely to click on a
Featured Property Listing over a Standard Property Advertisement. This allows
you to highlight your property features and catch the eye of prospective


What do Featured Listings include? You will have a larger photograph than other
ads. Of course, this will grab people’s attention. If they like what they see,
they can click on it for more information. Online property searches reach
a large number of people. You could have millions of views from prospective
house hunters.

Property Quickly

Another benefit of the Rightmove Featured Property Listing is that it increases
your prestige. People will naturally assume your property is high-quality
because it is being featured so prominently. There are even different types of
packages for your Rightmove Featured Property Listing. If your property is
competing with similar ones, you might be noticed. Higher visibility should
lead to more enquiries, more viewings and a higher sale price for you.

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