What Are Buyers Really Looking For in a Property?

Watch any home buying show, and you will quickly notice every
buyer has a different set of priorities. Some are looking for move-in ready new
construction home, while others are craving a do-it-yourself fixer-upper. While
every buyer is unique, there are a few steady and consistent characteristics
that the majority of home shoppers are looking for with their new properties.
Making yourself familiar with these buyer inquiries can help sell your home
quickly and for top dollar. Check with your Doorstep Agent to find out even
more options buyers are looking for so you can have a successful and timely

Parking. It may not be at the top of your list when
thinking about selling your home, but buyers are looking at where they can
park. Be ready to put a positive spin on the parking situation when questions

 Internet and phone service. You know what kind of
services are available for these in your neighborhood and can give potential
buyers insight into what has worked best for you.

The Boiler. Most homebuyers aren’t eager to buy a home
where the heating and cooling is inadequate. Newer boilers are a necessity when
you are trying to sell your home for the top asking price.

Location. If buyers are looking at your home, they are
most likely going to want to know how long it will take to get to work,
groceries, entertainment, dining, etc. Be ready with a few answers.

What will the neighbours be like, and will they be okay with parties, kids,
keeping our space private, etc? Good neighbours and neighbourhoods are
extremely important to any home buyer.

        Door size. What’s that? The door size?
Absolutely! It is a factor for some buyers, especially if they already own
furniture. Making sure the
            furniture will fit in through the doorway is actually
a concern for a majority of buyers.

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