What Prospective Buyers are Really Looking for

Anglian Home Improvements, a leading British supplier of windows, doors and conservatories, conducted a study on what house hunters look for in a property. Literally. What do they look for? Anglian found the answers.


In this study, house buyers wore specialised eye tracking glasses; these were meant to capture the elements that grabbed their attention. Let’s see:


?     Furnishings and decor: these features occupied about 27 percent of house buyers’ attention during the viewing.

?     Clutter and mess: not surprisingly, they spent almost as much time focusing on less pleasant details, such as dusty drapes or crowded tables. Women noticed this more than men too – another non-surprise! While most didn’t mention it, the glasses showed that their eyes kept returning to messes throughout the showing.

?     Layout: people spent just four percent of their time looking at the floorplan, or how the home was laid out.

?     Exterior: The outside accounted for 22 percent of viewers’ focus – remember that kerb appeal!

?     Structure and features: Men spent about 32 percent of their time looking at things like roofs and foundations, compared to 22 percent for women.

?     Personal elements: Women focused 16 percent of their time on aesthetic items like decoration and furnishings, compared to 13 percent of men. Anglian also found that personal photos distracted viewers from other elements in the space.

?     Inside looking out: Viewers spent 17 percent of their time looking through the windows. Another great reason to make sure they’re sparkling clean.

It is fun to see what grabs people’s interest when they view a house; but more than that, this information provides house sellers with critical insight. You can make changes that will have the most impact (e.g. cleaning windows, installing new windows, removing clutter, etc.). Need more tips and tools to help? We’re here!

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