What Should You Repair and Upgrade for a Quick Home Sale?

It is unlikely, unless you have just recently remodeled, that your home does not need a little upgrading or repair before listing it for sale. Most homes could use a little paint and need that loose step mended to get it in tip top shape. What exactly are the best upgrades to make for the least amount that will get your home sold and off the market quickly? While a coat of paint won’t fix structural damage it can freshen up an older home and give it a more modern feel. There are, of course, some repairs that are absolutely necessary to make or buyers won’t give your home a second thought. Read on to learn more about the top upgrades to make when you’re looking for a quick home sale.
  1. Paint is far and away the best type of upgrade to do before listing your home. If rooms have been painted bright colors or infused with accent walls and textures, it is best to give them a new coat with neutral shades. Your paint personality may not suit the tastes of potential buyers. Neutral shades are like a blank canvas which will help sell your home. Don’t forget the exterior as well. A trim and clean outside appearance is just as important as the inside walls. If your walls are already neutral, consider a fresh topcoat to cover up any chips or scratches. Also, consider removing wallpaper including wallpaper borders.
  2. Clean up your yard. A yard full of garden tools, toys, and other miscellaneous with no landscaping is a huge mistake when selling your home. It is important not to underestimate the effect curb appeal has for a potential buyer. What they see is a lot of work waiting for them, and an unkempt exterior is the quickest way to run off a sale. Clean any junk from your porch and yard, cut the grass and even invest in some potted flowers or plants to spruce up a drab home exterior.
  3. Repair leaks and faulty lighting. You don’t have to install a whole new kitchen or bath to sell your home, but it is vital to fix leaks in the plumbing and repair any electrical problems your home may have. If your fixtures are decades out of date it will be worth the investment to update them and have them installed correctly. Most buyers are not looking for a home to remodel or fix once they move in. Staying on top of these small problems can lead to a quick home sale for a higher price.
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