When You Inherit a Home

No one likes to think about what happens when a loved one passes away, but it is better to be prepared than caught unaware. If you inherit a home from a loved one who passes away, there are a number of steps that you need to take in order to legally sell a property.


1.    Hire a solicitor. Make sure that you hire one that has a good deal of experience in, or who specialises in property law. There are many sticky situations when it comes to an inheritance, and a solicitor can help you understand what you’re facing.

2.    Have the house inspected. Hire someone to go through the house, from top to bottom, to make sure that everything in the house is up to code and that nothing needs to be quickly fixed. He or she can alert you to any potential problems with the home that you may need to have repaired before you sell.

3.    Meet with others. If you’re not the only individual who has inherited the home, you’ll want to meet with the other stakeholders as soon as possible to find out what their wishes may be and deal with any potential problems.


There are many advantages to selling a home you’ve just inherited. After all, until you sell, you will be responsible for any home insurance, bills, taxes, and maintenance needs on the home. If there’s a mortgage on the home, you may even be responsible for that bill as well, which can prove costly. More than that, though, moving toward a quick sale can provide you with a substantial amount of money to put toward your own home or other living expenses.


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