When Your Garden Matters

you’re working to sell your home, you’ve probably read quite a bit about curb
appeal. Making those changes that potential buyers can see from the street are
absolutely essential, but should you make changes to the garden, too, to help
entice buyers? In some cases, you absolutely should.

Season Really Matters

people want to be outside as much as possible during the spring and summer
months, and it’s during these sale times that the garden will really count for
something. Potential buyers will want to see outdoor spaces that have real
personality during those seasons, and if you can make a few upgrades that
enhance your garden, you’re likely to see more interest in your property as a

to Change

you feel like some changes are necessary, you may not know where to begin.
Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be complex. Most buyers are looking for a few
simple things. Start with the plant life in your garden. Does it look
overgrown, or worse, completely non-existent? If it’s overgrown, give it a
solid trim. Consider a natural edging for your beds like stone. If you don’t
really have any plant life, spice things up a little. You can get annuals at
your local nursery for fairly cheap. Adding those, even in pots, around the
area will help make things look attractive.

you’ve looked closely at the plant life, it’s time to decide how attractive the
space is. Would you feel like it’s a retreat after a long day? Is it a great
place for kids? A nice place for a garden party after your new buyers move in?
Adding a deck, a walkway, or even an outdoor kitchen could all help, but you
must be quite careful. Garden upgrades can get fairly expensive, fairly
quickly, and they don’t always pay off with your selling price, so make sure
you consult your Doorsteps agent before you make any serious changes. 

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