Why Renting Furniture Is a Great Staging Tip

One of our favourite house-selling tips: remove all the clutter you can! So why are we telling you to add furniture to your home when you are trying to entice buyers? Find out!

Removing your big, bulky furniture — like your favourite recliner or that beat-up but beloved couch — helps you create a cleaner slate for buyers viewing your house. But if you take it too far, you risk turning a cosy home into a cold, depressing shell. Renting furniture for staging is a smart move. Here’s why:

?     It adds warmth to your house. Again, a barren house is not appealing. Most house-hunters prefer to view a home with furnishings and decor elements. Instead of cold or lonely, it appears warm and inviting.

?     It helps people envisions the space. While empty rooms do appear larger, they don’t provide a lot of scale for people or show them how they can utilise non-standard spaces. When you rent, you can purposely select pieces that fit just right.

?     You can achieve the best aesthetic and flow. Big, heavy pieces block the optimal flow of a house and do not invite people to walk through. Smaller pieces can help facilitate this movement from room to room.

?     You can select pieces that complement your house. For example, neutral toned furniture with pops of colour (e.g. such as a tan couch with bright red or orange pillows) help buyers envision the possibilities of the space.

?     Outfit your porch or outdoor area while you’re at it. Staging your outdoor areas shows buyers how much “living” space your house offers. Patio and deck furniture can be a bit more bold.

Renting furniture for staging can help you sell your house faster and fetch a better price. For more tips, don’t hesitate to contact our online estate agents.

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