Why Scotland Offers Some of The Best Property Market Performance in the UK

property owners, take note: your area of the UK has seen more growth than both
England and Wales, according to recent data posted on the UK-based
Property Forum

So what makes Scottish property so special? To discover more, let’s have a look
at some of the available data. 

Highest Annual Growth in the UK 

Over a recent 12 month period, Scottish property saw an average growth of 5.6
per cent. With this increase, the current average property sale price in
Scotland is £148,952. Compare that with other property sales in the UK during
that same 12 month period: 

  • England: English
    property value saw an increase of 3.7 per cent over the past year. That’s
    nearly two points less than Scottish property growth. English property has
    a higher sale price when compared to Scotland — the average sale price in
    England is nearly £243,639 — but the rate of English growth lacks behind
    its neighbour to the north.

  • Wales: Welsh
    property grew slightly more than English property over the past year, to
    4.4 per cent. Overall Welsh property value is also slightly more than
    Scottish property, with an average value of £156,495. Still, the
    percentage difference in overall growth could indicate the demand for
    Welsh property is slightly lower than that of Scottish property.

Month-to-Month Strong

It should be noted that even on a month-to-month basis, Scottish property is
growing at a faster rate than that of other areas of the UK, including England
and Wales. Geopolitics and the yet unseen outcome of Brexit aside, the value of
Scottish property is predicted to continue to rise in the coming months. 

Sell Your Scottish Property Today 

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