Will Arranging My Furniture Sell My House Faster?

Have you ever perused the photos of homes for sale and been put off by empty rooms? Ever wondered how you could ever make that look like a home you could live in? Statistically, homes sell faster and for higher prices if the buyer has  visual of what the home will look like fully furnished. Many people ask us “How can I sell my house faster?” Creating that buyer-inspired visual is one great way to do just that. The concept is simple and is commonly known as staging.

The Research

A study that looked at 410 homes showed that staged homes sold on average in 42 days as opposed to non-staged homes that sold in 198 days. That’s far from the only convincing statistic in the world of home staging, though. Another study found that nearly one-third of buyers are willing to overlook flaws in the property if its well-staged.

To Get Started

If you think staging might be right for you, there are some important steps to follow when applying this technique to prepare your home correctly for a quick and successful sale. Utilise the skilled agents at Doorstep Agents to help stage your home for potential buyers at your next showing.

It’s not personal. For buyers to see the potential of your home as a home for themselves, it is necessary to remove any personal photos or memorabilia. Keeping your home looking more like a showroom can help buyers see what your home could look like if anyone owned it and not just your family.

Declutter your space. Eliminate furniture that is not necessary. For example in the living room, par down to one sofa and chair with matching end tables and one decorative floor item. Removing other furniture that takes ups space can also give the illusion of a bigger room.

Move to the middle. Arranging furniture away from the wall and more toward the centre of the room can also give the illusion of more floor space in any room. Take advantage of any place you can create the illusion of space. It will help sell your home.

Get rid of the throw space. We all tend to have an area in the home where everything gets thrown and tossed aside. Clean up this space and rearrange with a bed and dresser or desk and office area. Keep the furniture and arrangement minimalistic to give the appearance of a live-able, but chic space.

It’s all about function. Choose a function for each room and stick to that theme. If there is too much going on in one space, it may seem overwhelming and cluttered. If it is one large open room make a designated dining spacing and living space that are obviously separate from one another. In extra bedrooms, choose to make them either a bedroom, exercise room, or office but not all or two of those.

If you’re asking yourself, “How can I sell my house faster,” the quickest way is to contact us immediately. We’re here to help you at every level of selling your home. For more advice and tips on staging, contact Doorstep Agents today.

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