Worst Advice for Selling a Home

It seems like more and more people think they are experts in areas where they don’t have any real experience. The internet is full of misinformation that they read allowing them to assume they know best about a topic including selling a home. Some of the worst ideas and suggestions can be absolutely detrimental to you when preparing your home for an open house or to list on the market. To get the most out of your home and to follow the best advice sign up with Doorsteps. We are a knowledgeable and licensed estate team helping homeowners across the UK sell their homes. Our fees are minimal and our success right is high. Don’t listen to the following bad advice. Contact us for the best advice!

Worst Advice

  1. Save money and sell your home yourself. This is a terrible idea. Trying to go it alone can be one of the most stressful and trying times of your life. Listing with an agent allows you maximum exposure and gives you the peace of mind to know that all of the paperwork and “must-do’s” during the selling process are being handled expertly. If you don’t want to pay the high commissions to an agent, we have the perfect option for you.
  1. List it “as is”. You should want the most you can get for your home when putting it up for sale. Yes, you may have to put some money into a few repairs and updates but those will pay off in the end. Little updates like paint and fixing leaky faucets can keep you from losing thousands on the price of your home. It doesn’t take much in the way of updating, staging and cleaning to improve the appeal of your home leading to higher buyer offers.
  1. You should be present at all showings. Many will say it’s better for you to be there to answer questions and follow along as buyers tour your home. On the contrary having the current owners present during a viewing can be uncomfortable and limit the amount of questions being asked. Potential buyers may be afraid to offend you if they ask questions and realistically, as the owner, you may not answer as truthfully as you should. Give buyers some space and find somewhere to go during a showing.

For the best advice and great agents, contact us today.

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