Your Bathroom Can Sell the House for You: Here’s How

When it comes to selling your home, what is the most important room? The kitchen! True: buyers love to see a fully functional, clean, updated kitchen (even if takeaways are on the menu more often than not). But there’s another room that is critical to interested buyers, and that is the bathroom. It is one of the most well-used rooms in any home. With a bit of proper staging, it can also be one of the most attractive and welcoming.

1. Start with a thorough cleaning. Scrub. Scour. Rinse. Polish. Get your bathroom in top shape with a good going over. It’s not the most fun job on the chore list, but it is essential to create the right impression with buyers. Aim for immaculate.

2. Hide the evidence. When buyers visit, clear away all the cleaning supplies, extra rolls of toilet tissue, waste baskets, plunger and your own beauty/hygiene products. You want the space to become a blank slate, allowing people to visualise how they will use it. And no one wants to see your firming creme or your tweezers.

3. Complete some strategic upgrades. You don’t need to remodel the entire room. In fact, don’t! Major upgrades often cost a fortune and do not change your selling price appreciably. Small touches can make a big impact. Apply a fresh coat of neutral paint; update your faucet and lighting fixtures; make sure the tap doesn’t drip. If your budget allows, think about replacing your cabinets, vanity and/or countertops so they are clean and modern (without being “trendy”).

4. Think ¾. What’s the first thing that buyers do when they’re checking out the bathroom? Look into the cabinets. They want to see how much storage space they offer. Make sure your cabinets are about ½ to ¾ full. This gives them a sense of how much they can put in there without the area looking cluttered and unattractive.

5. Create a day spa – Rather than an ordinary, cluttered, run of the mill bathroom, evoke the feeling of a luxurious day spa. A palette of neutrals helps set a soothing tone. Place a white hand towel on the counter with a brushed nickel dispenser. Invest in fluffy white towels and roll them in an attractive wicker basket or fold them to stack neatly on a shelf. A nice finishing touch is a white orchid or similar flower in a simple clear glass vase on the counter. Remember – small upgrades make a big difference.

For more ideas on how to stage your bathroom (and the rest of your home), feel free to contact us.

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