Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

Why are prices so much cheaper than high street agents?

Doorsteps, efficiently, serve the country from just one main office which deals with all enquiries. We avoid the hefty leases and ‘shop front’ costs.
So - no commission; low overheads and high quality of service.

Why are Doorsteps cheaper than other online estate agents?

The real question is; ‘why are other agents so expensive’?
The Doorsteps mission is that we want to give the best experience possible for selling a property at a price which what we personally think is what we would want if we sold our own places!
Further to this, we maintain low costs, which translates into low prices. Just like Ryanair once upon a time!

What’s the difference between Doorsteps and high street agents?

We can operate 24/7 (i.e phone lines are always open)
No hidden fees, commission or tie-ins
We operate via the online market (bigger exposure market – over 97% of buyers come through the UK portals).
In-House Conveyancing Services & Advice (free).

How effective is online property sales?

Over 97% of buyers find homes via Rightmove, Zoopla and the other top portals we list on!

Once fee is taken upfront; guarantee/incentive to sell?

We rely on a happy customer to help the business grow. So far we have grown solely via word of mouth on our great service and price, which we want to maintain.
With unhappy customers, we do not exist. Simply our motto!

What areas do you cover?

99% of all postcodes across the UK. Just enquire today to find out - we will make it work!

Can I market my property with other agencies?

We have no problem with dual marketing! Our service agreement is a multi-agency agreement.

Is there a human element involved?

Yes! We pride ourselves on it!
You can call or contact us at any time Email: (we will reply via a call if possible) Telephone: 00208 012 8566

What is the average sale time?

22 days for offer acceptance! (From May 2017 - September 2017)

What is the average asking price received for a property?

99%! (at date February 2018)

How long has Doorsteps been around?

Approximately 1.5 years, but fully trading almost a year.
We have rocketed to 6th largest online agent in this time, and have sold over £100m worth of property, and saved customers over £1m in this time too!

How do I join?

Use the ‘Contact Us’ form below, Call: 0208 012 8566, Email: or use the ‘Can We Help’ below or ‘Get started now button’ button
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Do you have an online portal?

We are not using technology to lead the whole process. We are a people-powered company, believing in service - but we ARE technology enabled. We have a portal for you to access us, viewings, offers and feedback - 24/7 - with all packages, at no extra cost!

Packages Questions

Difference between £99, £199 and £599

£99 = dedicated account manager, you provide pictures, floorplan & description. No face to face valuation. + 24/7 viewing arrangement, sales progression and of course, no commission
£199 = All the above PLUS professional pictures, floorplan, description and face to face valuation (pictures make the extra little difference to get the sale) from a local Doorsteps expert. And, of course, no commission.
£599 = All the above PLUS a Featured Listing on Rightmove (worth £400), Premium Listing on Zoopla (worth £50) and a For Sale Board (worth £60) And, of course,no commission.

Do all the prices include VAT?

Yes! No hidden fees or commission at all.

Where will my property be put for sale?

Rightmove, Zoopla, Primelocation and several other smaller portals including Mail Online and others.

Can I view the listing before ‘live’ and online?

Once the advert is ready; a link will be sent to view on Rightmove when it is ‘live’. If you have the £199 or £599 package, we will send you the media to approve before it goes online.

Can we add the extras (sale board, EPC, video, professional pictures) after we put the property up?

Yes! At any stage, we can add any extras!

Are there additional costs to change adverts or pictures etc?

No cost at all! After the upfront payment is taken we will change adverts, prices, pictures or upload new images for free, throughout the process.

How long will it take for my property to be ‘live’?

We aim to get the advert ready by 48 hours of receiving images, floorplans and other media.

What is a Rightmove/Zoopla premium/featured listing?

A Rightmove/Zoopla Premium Listing is an enhanced listing which alters the way your property advert appears on viewers’ initial search results. Instead of displaying a single image that you would normally expect to see, a premium listing is highlighted and displays a greater number of photos so that it stands out amongst other listings. By showing off your best interior shots and giving them an idea of the layout immediately, it is a great way to entice viewers to click on your listing.  Supposedly up to 45% increase in click throughs!
A Rightmove Featured Listing is another method in place to enhance the listing and allow the property to have more exposure on their website when making a search. The property has a blue box around and will be highlighted at the top of the page when a search is made. This remains for 12 months or until Rightmove data reveals that properties with a featured listing receive approximately 100% more people clicking through to view a listing compared to one without.

Do I need an EPC?

Yes, for a property to be sold an EPC is needed; we can help!
These last for 10 years and we can do them in a matter of days, across the UK for just £72!

Once live Questions

Who is point of call for enquiries?

Your dedicated property account manager will be at hand to deal with all your sale, once you have an offer. Until then - the whole team, either on the phone, email, or on the portal - will be here to help throughout the journey of your sale.
And yes, there is no extra cost for this!

How long does the listing remain?

Your listing remains for 12 months
Yes, that’s right, the one-off fee for 12 months or until withdrawn! It can be removed and reinstated for free within weeks. It costs just £50 to reinstate after 4 weeks of withdrawal. (if it sold and fell through, re-listing is free).

How do viewings work?

You will receive texts and emails regarding viewings via the portal - for you to reject, accept, or propose new times. Simple!
The process then comes back to us for offers, feedback and to progress the sale.

PS. Our research show buyers prefer vendors hosting viewings, as they provide a more comprehensive outlook on the property!

Can you do the viewings?

Yes! Unlimited viewings for £400. Please book with us in advance by calling 0208 012 8566 - or paying on our pricing page!

Do you have a vetting system?

Yes, we do indeed!
At the point of a buyer offering on a property, we would ensure the dedicated account managers vet the buyers for necessary financial criteria, including proof of funds, mortgage agreements and so on.

Do you deal with sales progression?

Your dedicated account manager will be with you every step of the way till the end. And yes, it is for no extra cost.

Can you provide a solicitor?

Yes, we have in-house services - allowing your process to happen all under one roof. Simple! Get a quote on our conveyancing page today!

However, you are not tied in!

Can you provide a surveyor?

Yes, we have a partnership with the UK’s largest firm and we can provide a free, no obligation quote
However, you are not tied in!

Can you provide a mortgage advisor?

Yes, we have a partnership with a leading mortgage firm!
However, you are not tied in!

What happens when an offer comes?

Your account manager will notify you straight away and negotiate the offers on your behalf if required, as our 5* service outlines!

How do we get feedback?

Feedback is sent automatically after every viewing, we will then forward this to you - and it will show in your portal. Our customer service team can also help further, just pop them a call/email.

How can I find out more information about a property?

Contact one of our agents who will be able to provide more information. Feel free to call 0208 012 8566 0208 012 8566 or email

How quickly will my property be online?

We aim to get the advert ready by 48 hours of receiving images, floorplans and other media.

My advert is not live (it has been over 72 hours) what do I do?

Please check your junk mail box; due to the size of the email this may be put into the junk box automatically. Otherwise, call 0208 012 8566 or email

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