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Common misconceptions portray auction as a dated and limiting process for selling property, namely for run-down stock and cash ready investors.

Times have changed and the methods of auction have evolved! At Doorsteps, we offer both traditional and modern methods with flexible routes for sellers looking to sell quickly, heighten interest in their property and/or add security to the process that the open market may not be able to offer. Below are just some of the benefits of our service that specifically help sellers looking for that additional peace of mind.

Sell it Fast at Auction with Doorsteps

If it is time to sell, Doorsteps is the answer. We have made the old fashioned way of selling a home a thing of the past. It is easier than ever before to list a home using Doorsteps.

Getting Started

Once the decision to sell the home is made, the rest is easy. A property consultant will see the home and get all pertinent information for the sale. People around the world will be able to view the estate in less than 48 hours. Auction sellers set a reserve amount and the length of the reservation period.


The owners are the experts and they know how much they want for their property. The starting and ending bid amount is at the owners discretion. At the end of the auction, the purchaser must adhere to the rules and regulations before any transaction is complete. All buyers must be verified prior to bidding.


We allow the owner to control the process. They can get on the live online portal to keep track of how things are progressing. The 24/7 access is a real plus for owners who want to stay informed anytime of the day or night. Buyers and sellers are able to see everything in real time. Doorsteps want the entire process to be clear and concise for all parties involved.


Sellers pay a one-time fee to get the house listed online and there is no commission fee. This is the best way to get properties seen and sold.