Millionaire´s saying: Young entrepreneur selling houses for £99

Millionaire´s Saying recently posted a video on their Facebook account about Doorsteps. In this video, they presented the founder of the company, Akshay Ruparelia, and explained his business model, that has resulted in one of the most successful UK estate agencies. Additionally, they shared a valuable tip from the founder of Doorsteps, stating that “If your gut instinct about setting up a business feels right, just go with it. You´ll never make a million if you don´t take risks.”

You can see the whole video here.

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Akshay Ruparelia

Doorsteps CEO

We have listed over £1 billion worth of homes and taken 1% of the UK Market Share. This translates to over 7-8,000 properties marketed and customer savings of over £8million now, compared to if they used a high street agent. 

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