Union Street, Oldham




Retail Property (high street) for Sale Union Street, Oldham, Greater Manchester, OL1 1DU

This property is divided into 4 separate units. The first unit is the retail shop floor with kitchen and bathroom for shop keeper to use.The work that has been done in retail shop floor as follows:
•Brand New Electric Rewiring
•Brand New Central Heating System
•Brand New Kitchen & Bathroom fitted
•Retail Shop floor has been furnished
•Repainted and Decorated
•Brand New Carpet been put in

Has been rented for £400 Per Month as a retail clothing shop.
Second Unit is going to be converted into 5 Bedrooms HMO Flat.

Work has been started and the Planning Application has been submitted in Oldham Council to get approvel for HMO Flats.
This 5 bedrooms flats will consist of followings: Seprate Entrance from Side Street
•5 Individual bed rooms
•2 Bathrooms
•1 Communal Kicthen
•1 Communal Lounge

Once this work is fully completed and rented out this unit will generate rental value of upto: £350 per week or £1400 per month

Third Unit is the basement and according to the drawing and plans which has been already submitted in oldham council for approvel is going to become an independant 3 bedroom flat which will consist of:
•3 Bedrooms
•2 Bathrooms
•1 Communal Kitchen open Plan
•1 Communal Lounge

This unit could either be rented as single bedrooms or as a 3 bedroom flat, generating the rental income of up to £600 per month. This unit has a side entrance from the garage.
Fourth Unit is the unit above the retail shop floor which is going to accessed by external steel stair case which yet has not been intalled. This stair case would give access to the forth unit on second floor as well as the first floor acting as a fire escape. This unit will have 2 independent flats. both flats will consist of:
- Flat 1: Second Floor
•2 Bedroms
•1 Communal Kitchen
•1 Communal Bathroom
•1 Communal Lounge

-Flat 2: Linking to Loft will also consist of access from second floor
•2 Bedroms
•1 Communal Kitchen
•1 Communal Bathroom
•1 Communal Lounge

This unit will generate the income of £1000 per month or £500 per month per flat. Planning application has been submitte in Oldham council for all this work.
Work that has been already done all arround the bulding is as follows:
•All roof has been done brand new with new rafters, batterns, felt and reslate
•4 x Chimneys have been removed from top to bottom
•All the strucrual beems have been replaced from rottned wooden beem to rsj steel beems
•Brand New guttering and down pipes has been installed.
•New floors has been put in.

All major work structural work has been done and it is now ready to be constructed according to the drawings. All the fees for planning application has been paid. Plans available on request!

Key features

•Free advertising with the tramline to Rochdale and Manchester on your doorstep!
•Less than 5 mins to Oldham town centre
•Close to amenities & public transport links