About us

Our Mission

We knew there had to be a much cheaper way of selling homes. An honest, transparent and hassle free way of selling property. Estate agents at a fantastic price, but also a great level of service.

We imagined a world, where you could sell your house for less than a hundred pounds and you wouldn’t have to leave your home.

Stop imagining. With Doorsteps we make selling homes in Britain as easy as selling a car. No, easier.

The Team

The team is led by the Managing Director & Founder who has been with the business since it’s inception, Akshay. Doorsteps mission is pretty simple. Selling properties superfast, by offering super-brilliant customer service and even more super price.

Akshay thought the eye-watering commissions paid to estate agents were just plain crazy; he believed time could be spent by agents dedicated in front of customers.

“Why, oh why, do we give away £20,000 worth of bricks and mortar in our properties to estate agents? For doing what exactly? Putting the house on the internet?”

Work from home. Offer amazing customer service. Make it £99. Doorsteps.co.uk.