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Want to know how much your home is worth? Doorsteps valuation experts can provide you with a face to face property valuation to determine the value of your house or flat.

What is the Value of My House?

To provide an accurate property valuation an in-person assessment of the property is required. Our experts need to understand all details of the property, such as the square footage, property condition, location and more.


Our team have an abundance of experience in property valuations and selling homes meaning they are more than equipped to to be able to and at the end we will provide you with an eight page analysis that.


However, when selling your home, you should always be prepared that your property might not sell for the valuation figure you’re originally given. There can be external factors that will affect the price you get for your home, and it will often depend upon the timeframe you have for selling and other personal circumstances that may affect the sale.

What might affect my house price?

The value of your home can be by several factors, some that can be down to you but some that may be out of your control. 


There are some things can positively impact the value of your property, but equally there are some things that might negatively impact the price of your home.

Factors that may boost the value of your property

Factors that may negatively affect the value of your property

Why is it important to know your house value?

Whether you’ve inherited a property, are going through a divorce or are trying to avoid repossession, knowing how much your house is worth can be helpful. Even if you do not want to sell immediately, being aware of the value of your property can help you choose to make improvements to increase the value. Furthermore, it could help you make important decisions, such as whether a quick sale would benefit your, perhaps difficult, circumstances.

What next?

Happy with your property valuation? Doorsteps can help you sell your home from just £499.

Value my house FAQs

If you purchase one of our Sell My House packages, you will receive a free instant valuation and a face to face valuation to determine the value of the property you wish to sell.

During a property valuation the location, square footage, overall layout, condition of the property, bedrooms and outdoor space are all assessed and will influence the value of your home.

One of our professional surveyors will come to your home to assess the property and will determine a price that they believe your home can sell for. Following this you will receive an eight-page analysis of your local area and valuations.

We aim to make our house valuations as accurate as possible, taking careful consideration when evaluating the key factors of your home. 

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